A Reading driver has been fined nearly £1,600 after he was caught speeding and driving without insurance on the motorway.

Mubashar Aftab, aged 44, has been fined £1,540 and been ordered to pay a further £156 in costs after he broke the 70mph speed limit on the M40 on March 8.

Aftab, of Shepherds House Lane in Reading, was driving between junction 3 and junction 2 when he was caught on a speed camera. The speed he was travelling at has not been made public.

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At a hearing at Wycombe Magistrates’ Court on November 18, the court also heard how Aftab was driving without insurance on that day.

Aftab was found guilty of speeding, driving without insurance, and driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence at the hearing.

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He was fined £660 for speeding, £660 for driving without insurance and £220 for the third offence.

He has also been disqualified from driving for 56 days.

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