10 houses repeatedly taken over by anti-social behaviour have been closed off by order of magistrates' judges – after neighbours raised concerns to the police.

Closure orders are used by police and local authorities to prevent or deal with anti-social behaviour at properties in your area.

They prevent anyone from visiting these properties for a number of months unless they have been given permission by police.

Anyone who does visit these properties would be committing an offence.

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The sort of behaviour that leads to closure orders being applied for can include criminal acts such as drug dealing, causing a nuisance to neighbours, creating disorder in the community and more.

And in the last six months, police successfully applied for 10 properties across Reading to be closed down after concerns about drug dealing from these homes.

Here are some of the roads where properties have been shut down.

Kingsley Close, Whitley

Police secured the order for a a house on Kingsley Close, Whitley on November 26 following reports of anti-social behaviour being directly linked to the property.

Northumberland Avenue, Whitley

On August 4, police secured the order for a flat following reports of anti-social behaviour being directly linked to the property.

Another closure order was issued for a property in Northumberland Avenue over people causing a nuisance.

Surrey Road

Police applied for a closure order on the property back in October 11 after receiving concerns over Anti-social Behaviour.

Other closure orders include: Waterloo Rise, The Meadway, Tilehurst, Hadrian Walk East, Whitley, Callington Rd, Whitley and Rothbury Court, Whitley