A Woodley resident will switch on Christmas lights as tall as his house in his garden for the 10th year in a row today (Wednesday).

Warren White erects the festive display in Antrim Road every year to raise money for charity and put a smile on children’s faces.

This year all money donated will be given to Chemo Gift Bags, which provide £100-worth of essential items to men and women with breast cancer.

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“It’s a good cause because a lot of people have had someone very close to them die of cancer,” said Warren, who runs a flooring company.

“It’s also for the kids out there. You don’t know what’s going on in their minds, you don’t know what their home life is like, but if you can just put a smile on one kid’s face that means more than any money that you could possibly ask for.”

Reading Chronicle: Decorations ready to be turned on outside Warren's Woodley homeDecorations ready to be turned on outside Warren's Woodley home

Warren began the tradition after a joke with his neighbours about installing a six-meter high penguin in his garden - which he did.

Every year his collection has grown, including Christmas trees, Santas, snowmen and a star at the top of his house.

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This year the star will be shining from five meters above the roof – the highest it has ever been.

Warrens efforts don’t come without their costs. He pays for the lights and electricity out of his own pocket and the first time he switched them on they blew his fuse board and two plugs out of their sockets.

Since then he has installed appropriate cabling.

Chemo Gift Bags founder Lynne Shipton, from Woodley said: "It's about letting people know we care and it gives them a little bit of a lift and a boost.

"Warren was really very kind and said he would donate."

"It's a very nice thing for him to do and he's gone way beyond what he usually does for us. He's made it extra special this year.

"I'm just really grateful for him."

When Lynne underwent chemotherapy to treat her breast cancer in 2013, she found she was without some essential items.

She started a charity putting together shopping bags full of things to help people through their chemo therapy.

They include puzzles for the waiting rooms, moisturisers for skin impacted by treatment and cushions and blankets for comfort following treatment.

"I'm passionate about what we do and how we do it, and I'm hoping to give people are real boost.

"People don't realise how many go through any cancer on their own and if someone comes and delivers a little bag to them, that's something they might need to think 'somebody does care about us.

"Many people say it's a hug in a bag."

The Christmas lights will be turned on for the first time at 6pm tonight and then every evening until Christmas Day from 4pm to 10pm.

“Anyone can turn up and hopefully I won’t blow the fuse of the house,” said Warren.