THE JURY in the trial of the parents accused of causing the death of their one-month-old baby is set to return for more talks tomorrow. 

Jurors were sent out to start deliberating the case of James Lawton, 28, and Chantelle Stroud, 25, of Newtown Road, Newbury, who have been accused of murder and allowing the death of a person under the age of 16 respectively. 

The charges relate to the death of their son Colby Lawton, who was just one month old at the time of his passing. 

Colby had multiple injuries including a skull fracture at the time of his death on May 9, 2020. 

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It is the prosecution’s case that James Lawton ‘violently’ shook Colby in the minutes or hours before his death, while Stroud allowed his death because she knew Lawton posed a risk to her and her son but allowed him to stay in their family home in Newbury. 

Both deny the charges. 

During their two-week trial, James Lawton, formerly of Boreham Field, Wiltshire, gave evidence to say he accepted Colby’s injuries led to his death, but denied causing them. 

Chantelle Stroud’s defence counsel said the mother was “shattered” by Colby’s death and that she did not think James would hurt the infant. 

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After Mrs Justice Stacey finished summarising the case on Wednesday, November 25, the jury was sent out to start its deliberations at 12.18pm. 

Unanimous verdicts must be reached by the jury, but no conclusions have yet been reached after their first full day of discussions. 

This means jurors have been deliberating for more than nine hours with no verdicts. 

The jury is set to return for more talks tomorrow (Friday, November 26).