A READING woman said she was ‘shocked’ to find a cannabis tent with thousands of pounds worth of product in her own home.

Amie Scott, from Caversham, was sentenced for allowing her property to be used for the production of cannabis between November 2019 and April 2020.

At the time of the discovery of the cannabis tent, 15 cannabis plants capable of producing £11,000 of street value drugs were being cultivated.

The tent was discovered by police during a visit for an unrelated matter on April 24, 2020.

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Here, officers also found a lighting fixture and heating apparatus to cultivate the growth of the cannabis.

£700 in cash was also found.

Michael Attenborough, prosecuting, said the cannabis was being grown by Scott’s partner in her own home.

During a police interview, Scott was alleged to have said: “I had no idea what was in that room.

“I was just being a good person letting him stay with me.”

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Police enquiries with British Gas revealed the property experienced a surge in power usage in November 2019.

This, Mr Attenborough said, is when police believe the cannabis cultivation started.

The prosecution said Ms Scott claimed the use of her property for cannabis cultivation was a “shock” to her and she did not notice an increase in utility bills.

Three children were living at the address during the period of drug growth.

Defending, Edward Culver said Scott had been exploited due to financial pressures she faced.

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It was also claimed it was Scott’s partner who was primarily benefiting from the cannabis production.

Scott was handed an 18-month community order as a sentence.

She was also told to take part in 25 rehabilitation activity requirement days.

The Caversham woman was sentenced on Tuesday, November 23.