Half a mile of roadworks in Oxford Road have been completed meaning there is less disruption near Reading West Station.

Until today (Wednesday), resurfacing work had contributed to what residents called ‘chaos’ on the road, having been undertaken at the same time as broadband cables were laid further down the A329.

Businesses had reported fewer customers attending their shops since council work began in the area last Monday, while the council itself was forced to issue an ultimatum to the companies responsible for broadband installation last month following complaints.

Tarmac has been put down between Beresford Road and Russell Street as part of the council’s Reading West Station upgrade, but this is unlikely to be the end of the disruption.

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Highway and pavement works for the project are set to last until mid-December at which point Network Rail and Great Western Railway will take over the site for construction.

This will include a new building and interchange facilities at the Oxford Road entrance, platform waiting facilities and improvements at the Tilehurst Road entrance.

And Thames Water are carrying out roadworks at Wantage Road, as is Vodaphone at Wigmore Lane.

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Broadband cables are being put down across Reading by Instalcom on behalf of City Fibre over the next three to five years, but work on Oxford road is close to completion, the council understands.