This winter is set to be a particularly wet one, accord to Met Office predictions.

More rain than average is expected between November and January and the Environmental Agency has urged people to check the risk of flooding in their home via an online map.

At the beginning of Flood Action Week, the revealed 61 per cent of households in flood-risk areas did not believe their property could be affected.

The Thames, the Kennett and their tributaries present a risk to residents close to the water in Reading.

Reading Chronicle: Flood risk in WoodleyFlood risk in Woodley

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Dark blue areas represent a chance of flooding each year above 3.3 per cent, while light blue areas indicate a chance of 01 per cent to 1 per cent

Much of Lower Caversham is at a 1 to 3.3 per cent chance of flooding in a given year, as are parts of Pangbourne.

Reading Chronicle: Flood risk in PangbourneFlood risk in Pangbourne

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Farmland and grasses surrounding the River Pang face a similar threat as well as large parts of Theale.

Reading Chronicle: Flood risk in ThealeFlood risk in Theale

The A33, a direct route to central Reading, and the A3290 are at a high risk of flooding.

Reading Chronicle: A33 flood riskA33 flood risk