AN OWNER is thanking the kind members of the public who saved her dog's life after he was hit by a car.

Anna Kennedy from Purley on Thames, near Reading, described the shocking moment her rescue dog Pacho ran off.

On Saturday, November 6, Anna and her husband Ben were walking Pacho (Gaspacho) and his sister Blanca near the Thames when he bolted.

After two hours of searching, the pair discovered he had been hit by a car and was "badly hurt".

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Reading Chronicle:

A number of people witnessed the accident, including the driver of the car. They all chased after Pacho and managed to surround him.

Anna said: "When we arrived at the scene, they had already called the vet surgery. Together we carried Pacho to the car of one of the ladies and transported him to the vets."

The family say they are known in the community as the "man and woman with two white dogs who would bark their heads off if they see a squirrel."

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Pacho is now back home after having surgery at the specialist referral clinic.

He now has a large metal plate attached to the bone in his leg.

Anna said: "We just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who found Pacho on that day and stayed with him until we got there.

"I wish we knew the names of all of those amazingly kind people who saved Pacho's life. Thank you, Marion, for transporting Pacho to the vets. Thank you Paul for carrying Pacho and apologies for Pacho biting you when you tried to move his broken leg, and thank you everyone.

"Pacho was in shock and very scared. He could not move because one of his back legs was badly broken. It was so nice that all those people comforted him when he was in so much pain."