Vandals have ‘wrecked’ a football pitch in Lower Early for the third Halloween in a row.

The goal posts at Laurel Park FC were lifted out of their supports on Sunday and put through a basketball hoop.

Club community officer Phil Smith said the destruction was a waste of money.

“It’s all very unfortunate and it’s very disappointing because we’re all just volunteers,” said Mr Smith, who has volunteered and coached since 2008.

“Money is tight, we’re trying to spend as much of the available funds that there are on improvements to the facilities and the pitches for the boys and girls to play football on and then money has to get diverted to sorting out mindless vandalism.”

Reading Chronicle: Vandalism at Laurel Park FCVandalism at Laurel Park FC

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He added: “In 2020 the whole three pitches were done – all six goals in total were wrecked.”

Damage to the posts is not the only vandalism the club has faced, with people leaving graffiti all over their pavilion in September.

Reading Chronicle: Graffiti at Laurel Park FC pavilion Graffiti at Laurel Park FC pavilion

“Someone’s got to come down and clean that up and it’s all council taxpayers money. The local council have to come out and divert resources where they could be better spent elsewhere.”

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In a statement on Facebook, the club wrote: “It's a real shame that when we desperately need investment to improve pitches the council are going to have to waste money putting this vandalism right.

“If anyone has any information on this damage please let us know.”