The Met Office has released a yellow weather warning for rain across many parts of the UK - including South West England, Reading and Berkshire.

The national weather service has warned that there will be a short period of heavy rainfall that may bring some localised flooding and disruption to transport.

The heavy band of rainfall is expected from midnight on Sunday (October 31).

It is expected to move towards the North East and should only last around 2 to three hours in any location.

By Sunday afternoon at around 15:00, it should have cleared from Essex and Kent into the North Sea.

In those three hours, we could see up to 20-30mm of rainfall.

What to expect from the Met Office's weather warning

The Met Office has warned that there is a small chance that homes and businesses could be flooded.

It has also been said that bus and train services may be affected and that the public should take this into account when making journeys.

You should factor in more time since the spray and flooding on roads will likely extend journey time.

What should I do about the Yellow Warning?

The Met Office has released some advice about how to stay safe during floods.

This advice includes guidance on who to call including Flood Line details and how to protect your home from flooding.

This includes information on preparing a flood plan and kit.