PARENTS are being warned about a new WhatsApp scam that involves fraudsters pretending to be their children. 

A Thames Valley Police officer posted about the new trick earlier this week claiming there has been a rise in this particular scam. 

It involves the tricksters messaging parents pretending to be teenagers asking for money.

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According to Wesley Smith, a PCSO in Chipping Norton, the texts are believable. 

“Hey mum, it’s me”, the message starts. They go on to say they are having problems with their banking app. 

Discussing a particular incident where a Thames Valley resident was targeted, Mr Smith said: “During the conversation, the mysterious scammer attempts to impersonate the mother’s eldest daughter, telling her it was her “eldest and cutest child” sending the messages. “Hey mum it’s me. I got a new number u can delete the old one.”

Luckily, she was smart enough to call her daughter, who confirmed that it was not her.
The sly conversation continued with the fraudster sending, “I got the new iPhone. I’m still transferring everything.”

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The scammer wastes no time trying to get their hands on some money, as they added, “Because of that new device I have to transfer all apps.“But the banking app has put 48-hour security on the app due to fraud. All nice but I have to pay 2 payments.”

The conversation could’ve seen the mother being swindled as the impersonator explained, “Could you possibly pay for it for me and I’ll return it soon as possible? Sorry to bother u with this.”

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If you have been a victim of this scam, call Action Fraud on 03001232040.