The family of a secondary school teacher is appealing to find the good Samaritan who “saved his life”.

Guy Vickers-Jones, 43, suffered a cardiac arrest while out running on September 29 and has remained in intensive care ever since with possible brain damage.

His partner of 11 years Peter Finnan said Guy would have died if it weren’t for two off-duty nurses and an unknown man who stopped to help him.

“They did literally save his life and without them starting CPR, Guy definitely wouldn’t be around today,” said Peter.

“Obviously we as a family are hugely grateful for their taking initiative to stop and help out somebody who was in dreadful situation.

“We’re incredibly proud of the NHS and the staff that they have and the family thanks them.

Reading Chronicle: Guy Vickars-Jones, who remains in hospital after suffering a heart attack while running in ReadingGuy Vickars-Jones, who remains in hospital after suffering a heart attack while running in Reading

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Guy, who teaches year seven at Cranford House School, left their home in Tilehurst for his daily 20-minute run at 7.30pm.

When got to Berkely Avenue, his heart stopped.

A man found him collapsed on the pavement at around 8pm and called an ambulance.

“It was just such a massive shock. It still is a shock to be honest,” said Peter, who was notified at 8.25pm that evening.

“It feels like I’m living in a parallel world.”

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He continued: “If that guy hadn’t called the ambulance they could have been waiting another five or ten minutes for the ambulance and that again would have been an incredibly bad result for Guy,” said Peter.

“We’d like to make contact to thank him and also to understand how long Guy was out.”

Shortly afterward, two off-duty nurses drove by and stopped to perform CPR, who Peter has already thanked.

By the time the ambulance arrived, the man had left the scene.

If you have any information about the unknown Samaritan, you can contact