A new cocktail bar has revealed when it will open in Reading.

The Cocktail Club will replace the ping pong bar Smash in Gun Street.

In early to mid-November, Reading will become the second city outside of London to host the brand.

Dawn Donohoe, managing director of The Cocktail Club, says: “We are extremely excited to be bringing our distinctive brand and party vibe to Reading, only the second city outside of London to date to feature one of our bars as part of its nightlife scene.

“Reading was targeted as part of our expansion plans, not only for its accessible location in the Thames Valley, but also for its thriving business landscape, and popularity as a booming cosmopolitan consumer destination.”

Reading Chronicle: London Cocktail ClubLondon Cocktail Club

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The bar will cover two floors, measuring approximately 2, 861 sq ft.

London Cocktail Club launched in 2008 by JJ Goodman and James 'Hoppy' Hopkins, after appearing on BBC's The Restaurant back in 2009, “with the intention of creating a bartenders paradise”.

Reading Chronicle: London Cocktail ClubLondon Cocktail Club

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Its website describes it as: “A bar that parties like the best of them, and mixes the world’s greatest drinks to perfection.

“A place where you can throw your hands in the air, whilst singing to ACDC, sipping on the perfect dry Martin.”

The Cocktail Club is run by Nightcap, a company led by ex-Dragons Den’s investor Sarah Willingham.