Fuel continues to run dry in pumps around Reading as panic-buyers ignore Government advice.

Around 22 per cent of filling stations in the South East still do not have fuel, according to executive director of the Petrol Retailers Association Gordon Balmer and several of these are in Reading.

As members of the armed forces begin to be deployed to help deliver fuel, the Reading Chronicle has rounded-up all the stations with and without diesel and petrol.

Esso (Tesco Express), Buckingham Dr, Emmer Green

Unleaded petrol is running very low and is estimated to run out in the next half hour

No diesel is available, and no fuel deliveries are expected today.

Esso (Tesco Express), Church Street, Caversham

Both diesel and petrol are available and fuel levels should see the station through the day

BP, Richfield Avenue

Both diesel and petrol are available and fuel levels should see the station through the day

Asda, School Road, Tilehurst

Petrol is available but its running very low and diesel has run out.

No fuel delivery is likely today.

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Shell, Oxford Road,

No petrol or diesel, nor any information on whether a delivery will arive

BP,  Oxford Road

No diesel, no petrol, no sign of an incoming delivery

Esso (Tesco Express), Bath Road,

Petrol levels are looking good but diesel is expected to run out be the end of the day

Shell, Basingstoke Road

No petrol or diesel, and no comment could be provided on fuel delivery status.

Sainsbury's, Bath Road

Fully stocked with both diesel and petrol

Shell, George Street

No diesel or petrol available at this time

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The following stations could not be contacted:

  • Esso, Berkeley Avenue
  • BP, Rose Kiln Lane
  • Shell, Shinfield Rd,
  • Morrisons Petrol Station, Rose Kiln Lane
  • Tesco petrol station, Napier Road
  • BP, Wokingham Road

Asked when fuel supplies would return to normal today, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “We continue to want to reassure the public that we have significant stocks of fuel around the country.”

He said: “The challenges we saw were driven by demand. The time it takes to recover, again, will depend on what we see over the next few days in terms of demand.

“We’re taking every possible step to bolster supply and we’re seeing … we’re delivering supply significantly over normal levels every single day, and we’ll continue to do that 24 hours a day.”

He added: “We continue to urge the public to fill up only when needed and as part of their normal routine.”