DANIEL Craig's departing role in the new James Bond film has left rumours circulating over who will be the next 007.

No Time To Die premiered last night (Tuesday, September 28) expecting to break box office records as one of the biggest films to hit cinema screens this year.

But this is Daniel Craigs last James Bond film and actors have already taken a stint at wanting to play the iconic 007 character.

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Reading's Ricky Gervais spoke to his fans on Twitter, saying he'd be the 'next James Bond'.

He tweeted: "I'll be the next James Bond but I'm not doing any running around or working after 4pm. And no Martini. B******* drink, that. Oh, and he's from Reading and swears a lot."

He shared a picture of him donning a black Tuxedo, an outfit James Bond is often seen wearing in the films.

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Gervais' fans already spoke out on Twitter wanting the Afterlife actor to be the next 007.

Some fans even launched an online Facebook page called 'We Want Ricky Gervais for James Bond'.

The Clear Observer said: "He was perfect as David Brent in The Office (UK), he will be tremendous portraying James Bond."

Clair Stone said: "Now, this might be a bit of a controversial pick for the role. But think about it: Gervais has always been a skilled actor. He's also known for his wit."

However other people weren't so sure and said: "A 60-year-old James Bond?! Is it some kind of a joke?"

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