"The callous cruel and senseless murder of our son has ripped our soul from our family."

Those the words from father Stuart Stephens speaking at the sentencing of three teenage killers after the death of his son Olly Stephens.

Olly, 13, was fatally stabbed in an 'ambush' at Bugs Bottom Fields in Emmer Green, Reading, on January 3.

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Today, three teenagers are being sentenced for playing a part in that fateful day that resulted in Olly losing his life.

As part of the sentencing at Reading Crown Court, the court heard from Olly's parents Stuart and Amanda Stephens.

In a statement, Mr Stephens described the stabbing as 'nothing short of an 'execution' and described the children involved as 'feral'.

He said the act left the family 'chilled to the bone', and added 'you may as well have stuck the knife in me'.

Dressed in a black suit among the public gallery, he said: "This has completely broken us.

"As I held his hand begging him not to leave us, a few questions came my way.

"What kind of evil could lure a child to his death?"

The father said Olly could not sense danger and stood up for himself in the face of confrontation, adding he was 'kind, loving, and caring'.

He continued: "Oliver fought with his last breath, until his heart gave out. He had such a big heart, it was his Achilles heel.

"Olly was our joy and the glue that held us together. Amanda and I took it in turns to say goodbye to Oliver.

"His bloody open mouth, his eyes half-closed, the ambulance within spitting distance of our home. A nightmare."

Mr Stephens continued: "'The callousness of the act has left us chilled us to the bone.

'This was nothing short of an execution.

"Olly was the last born male in our family line. That ends too."

Adding: "Olly died knowing the cruel actions of a very selfish girl left him trapped and slain.

"Olly was blameless. All because of the three of you we stand here in this moment. As a family we hold each of you accountable for his murder. There are no excuses and there will be no forgiveness ever.

"This crime is abhorrent and it turns our stomach daily to think of his final moments.

"We are no longer the people we were and we will never be the same again.

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"I found the court process traumatic and surreal. You thrust a knife, twice, into my son and now he is gone."

Addressing the younger boy, he tells him his apology was 'feeble' and made him 'sick to his stomach'.

Addressing the older boy, he calls him a 'coward' and bemoans how a 'bright' boy like Olly was killed by the duo's 'elective stupidity'.

"You may just as well have stuck the knife in me," he said.

A statement from Olly's mother Amanda was also read to the court, it said: "I will never get over the betrayal and cold calculation of his death.

"I remember seeing him walking away to Bugs Bottom. His heart was full of hope.

"The horror of the events that followed replays in my mind. The rush to get to him but to see he had already left us and he was dead."

She said she 'screamed inside' when she saw one of the defendants hugging his father during the trial.

Mrs Stephens described how everything at the family home is how Ollie left it, and his ashes are now in his room on his gaming chair.

The statement concluded: "Olly died an excruciatingly painful death betrayed by people he knew.

"On the day of his death I ruffled his hair and said 'you're very handsome'.

"He said 'take a picture then', and I took a mental picture.

"I am so glad I did.

"Olly will always be my best boy, my only boy."