Queues of burger fans are waiting along the Oracle Riverside for a free meal at Gordon Ramsay’s new Reading restaurant, Street Burger.

The chain is giving away 1,000 free O.G.R burgers worth £15 each on a first-come-first serve basis.

Some people like Harry, from Slough, had been waiting since 9.30am to make sure they got a chance to see if the food lived up to the celebrity chef’s name.

Tracey, from Reading, said she was pleased to see a high-class restaurant on the river Kennett.

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Reading Chronicle: A father receives his long-awaited Gordon Ramsay burgerA father receives his long-awaited Gordon Ramsay burger

“I’m intrigued to find out if the food matches his name and the price,” she said.

“What I look for is good taste because obviously he’s a famous chef and he’s known for his good food.

“I’m excited to find out how the food is different from all the other burgers, if it’s actually competition or not.”

Tracey said she was excited to see whether the eatery lived up the standards set by the previous restaurant at the site, Giraffe.

“The environment was always lively and colorful, nice staff, good food so I want to find out if Gordon Ramsay is bringing the same vibes.”

The free burger on offer today is made up of a mix of Hereford beef, smoked cheese, house relish and salad, with a vegetarian option available.

Ollie, a plumbing apprentice from Thatcham, was given the day off by his boss Aaron so the pair could try out the food.

Reading Chronicle: Ollie, right, and his boss Aaron, leftOllie, right, and his boss Aaron, left

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“I saw your post for free burgers – that’s why I’m here,” agreed the pair from Simple Service Solutions.

Howard, from Reading, said he would not normally spend more than £7.50 on a burger, so he wanted to see what the Ramsay brand was made of.

“It’s a free £15 burger, it’s worth a try - makes a change from McDonalds, better beef hopefully.

Reading Chronicle: Howard, from ReadingHoward, from Reading

“I’m looking for variety, quality of food, nice atmosphere, good service and good hygiene.”

The restaurant is open inside from 5pm today.