AN ABBA superfan has become a real 'Dancing Queen' - after ABBA sign up rights to a video of her busting moves to one of their greatest hits.

Jasmine Field, 26, never imagined ABBA would ever see the videos she posted of her dancing to their tracks - until she got the shock of her life when it was shared by the group to millions around the world.

The pub worker, from Newbury, - who considers herself an ABBA superfan - was featured dancing in an ABBA promotional video for their new album and 2022 tour, Voyage.

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Jasmine had originally posted the video on her own TikTok and Instagram on September 1, amassing just a few hundred views, until she got a message from a director requesting permission to use her video.

It was livestreamed worldwide the following day - and was seen by millions of fans as well as the world-famous group themselves.

Jasmine said: "I've been a big ABBA fan since I was little - and in lockdown I started making ABBA TikToks.

"I made the video and didn't think much of it - until I got a message from a director asking to share it.

"I couldn't believe it when I saw myself on their livestream - and everyone in my local area congratulated me because I'm known for being such a big fan.

"It makes me so happy but a bit overwhelmed - it was a whirlwind 24 hours!"

The 26-year-old told how she was known locally for being an ABBA-lover and attended concerts of "countless tribute bands" growing up.

Her TikToks during lockdown regularly featured ABBA's songs - and she recalled being thrilled to hear they were releasing new music and touring after a 40-year break.

After posting a TikTok of her dancing to their hit 'Gimme Gimme Gimme', which she later uploaded to Instagram, she thought nothing of it - but got a shock when checking her Instagram inbox.

She said: "The director messaged me asking to use it in their livestream, just a couple of hours after I posted it.

"I couldn't believe it!"

The following day, she turned up to the pub where she works, and announced to everyone she'd be featured on the livestream.

She told how everyone congratulated her, knowing her love for the group - and the staff and customers alike sat and watched it in the pub together.

The livestreamed video - which can now be watched on YouTube - has now racked up more than 2.5 million views, with Jasmine appearing in the first six minutes.

She said: "To be featured in something so monumental after 40 years is amazing.

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"I just love how ABBA's music gives off 'happy vibes' - if their songs play at a party, you know everyone is up and dancing.

"I'm so excited to hear their new music and I hope I can get tickets.

"I went from making TikToks in my bedroom to ABBA seeing my video and featuring me in their livestream!"

The livestream can be watched here, with Jasmine featuring at 5:53: