PRET has defended the price of their food after one of their sandwiches was found to cost more in Reading than in London.

Usually when it comes to eating out in the capital, you expect to pay more due to the cost of living being more expensive.

For a single person, the cost of living in London goes up to £2,892 per month.

To compare, a person's estimated monthly costs in Reading are £742 without rent. London is 118.3% more expensive than Reading.

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As such, one resident believes residents are 'being ripped off' at Pret in Reading after the same sandwich cost more at the branch in The Oracle than the one in Paddington Station.

He called out the restaurant chain on Twitter for the disparities in price.

He claims he paid 40p more for his Classic Super Club in The Oracle than the one in Paddington Station.

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He said: "Why does a Classic Super Club sandwich cost £4.25 at your shops in Reading but only £3.85 at Paddington station? I realise that there will be variations but 40p! Customers in Reading are being ripped off."

In answer to his tweet, Pret explained why prices vary in their stores across the country.

They said: "We never take the decision to raise our prices lightly, but higher operating costs mean we sometimes need to put our prices up.

"We feel that we are still competitively priced whilst offering excellent value for money with fresh food, high quality ingredients and great service."