A WOMAN was lined up and shot at with an air rifle, had her face rubbed in dog poo and was forced to cut her legs with tweezers by a man who put her through almost four years of “horrific” abuse.

Carl Vasey, of The Oaks, Newbury, was taken into custody this morning after a court heard of his “disgusting” actions.

He subjected the woman to physical, mental abuse including slapping, punching, kicking, spitting and sending her ‘degrading’ emails.

The abuse was so 'extreme' that the woman said she thought he was going to kill her.

She would have to obey six commandments before being allowed to speak to him, which included washing, hair removal, tidying his bedroom and wearing clothes he liked.

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The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, reported Vasey’s actions to police in March 2020 but he would deny all allegations in police interviews and instead accused her of abusing him.

Vasey and the woman met in late 2016 and over the next three years, he would subject her to horrendous abuse through a number of incidents, including:

  • Repeated slapping
  • Standing her against a garden shed and telling her to choose where she would like to be with an automatic air rifle
  • Expecting her to pay for his cannabis habit and sex apparatus for himself (including a penis pump and penis development cream)
  • Dragging her to a mirror by her hair and spitting on her
  • Making her cut her legs with tweezers

Vasey assaulted the woman on a number of occasions, too -- all incidents he is set to be sentenced for.

One incident occurred after Vasey said he wanted to fight someone, but when the woman came to meet him, he attacked her and pushed her to the floor.

He began kicking her repeatedly to the back, side, stomach and face, causing the woman to chip one of her teeth.

When the kicking stopped, and the woman was laying on the grass near some dog poo, Vasey took control of her head.

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“In an act of utter degradation and humiliation”, prosecutor Paul Fairley said, Vasey rubbed her face back and forth in the dog muck causing some of it to enter her mouth.

She later went to hospital with an eye infection following the attack.

On another occasion, Vasey threw a remote control at the woman which fractured her little finger on her left hand.

Vasey saw the injury and became angrier, to the point where the woman said she was “terrified” and that she “thought he was going to kill her.”

Another incident saw the woman whipped on her back with a dog lead ten times “very hard.”

The woman claimed she had “never felt such pain.”

And on another occasion, Vasey put the woman through five hours and 30 minutes of abuse by punching her, whipping her and sexually assaulting her.

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Vasey would often make the woman read an email he wrote about her which “berated and insulted her” to “remind her how he perceived her”, prosecutor Paul Fairley said.

The last incident which prompted the woman to report Vasey’s abuse saw him punch her in the mouth and consequently dislodge one of her teeth. He also punched her in the eye.

The woman text a contact to “plan her escape” from Vasey’s house and she was later picked up and taken to hospital.

She reported Vasey to police on March 17, 2020, and he was arrested one week later.

In a police interview, he claimed the woman had received no injuries, that the incident with the remote control was an accident, and that she had assaulted him -- all statements which were untrue.

However, following a June trial, Vasey was convicted of one count of engaging in controlling or coercive behaviour, four counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and one count of assault by beating.

The 24-year-old was due to be sentenced today but His Honour Judge Dugdale adjourned a decision.

This was due to concerns about assessments of Vasey’s risk to the public after a report suggested he had emotionally unstable personality disorder and therefore posed a ‘low risk’.

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The Judge said: “These offences are extreme. There needs to be a proper assessment of dangerousness.

“The pre-sentence report has missed the mark by a mile. This was really worrying behaviour.

“The risk assessment is simply wrong.

“There is an ongoing risk and I don’t want him in the community where he is a risk.

“The facts we have heard are very troubling and cause me a lot of concern.

“It was utterly horrific.”

Vasey, standing in the dock, addressed the judge telling him: “I never wanted to behave that way in the first place. It was disgusting.”

The 24-year-old, who had been released on bail following his conviction, was taken into custody after Judge Dugdale told him he would be spending time behind bars when he is sentenced at Reading Crown Court on Friday, October 15.

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