READING'S latest food venture sees Jollibee open its first Filipino fast-food restaurant in the town centre on Broad Street.

And I wasn't sure what to expect out of a fast-food joint that serves fried chicken, burgers and...spaghetti all rolled into one.

To put it in simple terms, Jollibee is Asia's answer to KFC but with a spicy and sticky twist to its crispy chicken.

I can't fault the variety of options they have on the menu with their version of a six-piece bucket meal (£10.29), chicken tenders (£5.89) and chicken rice bowls (£5.14).

Reading Chronicle:

Then you have the burgers, all bursting with flavours from sweet and spicy to a more classic option of garlic Mayo - it's like they all have their own personalities and I was totally here for it.

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I tried the Tropical one (£5.99 on its own or £7.99 a meal) whilst my colleague Leon opted for the plain chicken burger (£3.99) as he doesn't like cheese (crazy right?)

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As you bite into the soft bun you get a nice contrasting crunch from the crispy coated chicken, the cheese mellows out the punchy Asian ginger chilli sauce but it felt a little sloppy.

The flavours were definitely there but I think to me, it didn't feel right having pineapple in a chicken burger.

Reading Chronicle: The loaded fries were 10/10The loaded fries were 10/10

Between munching on the burger, I picked away at the Sriracha Chicken loaded fries (£4.30)

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Let me tell you that this was by far my favourite item on the menu. It takes loaded chips to a whole new level and if I could buy the sriracha sauce as a bottle to take home believe me I would.

The sauce has a creamy texture which coated the small crispy chicken pieces well. It tasted a bit like cheesy chips and it went down a treat.

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Speaking of sauces, they offer seven different kinds from honey mustard to gravy.

I left the Jolly Spaghetti until last after Leon and I toyed between who will try it first.

Our lovely host explained that spaghetti was one of Jollibee's favourite family recipes so it would be rude not to try it.

Reading Chronicle: I really didn't rate the Jolly Spaghetti...I really didn't rate the Jolly Spaghetti...

For the novelty side of things, I get why they're offering it on the menu, but for me personally it wasn't worth the money. This costs £4.52. 

If you're in town and suddenly crave some pasta for lunch then it's great, but otherwise it wouldn't be my first choice. It seemed a bit strange to have hotdog pieces in a sauce dolloped on top of some pasta.

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The sticky rice, however, was delicious and cooked perfectly, exactly what I'd expect from a Filipino takeaway.

Finally, I got round to trying the mango coconut sundae (£1.99) which was staring at me during the entirety of the meal.

Definitely order it. If we get a heatwave again then I'll be popping in to grab a cup of their fruity, fresh ice cream.

It was fresh, sweet and creamy with a lovely crunchy coconut shaving giving it that chef's kiss.

Overall, the food was unique, flavoursome and tasted fresh.

I can't say I'll be running to go back there anytime soon but it's worth a try if you like an edge to your fried chicken.