A new breakfast and brunch café is set to open its doors in Reading next week.

Serving up chorizo duck eggs and tomato tapenade, The Switch owners Zak Khan and Dan Davy are to hoping to bring a restaurant-like experience to the first meal of the day.

The duo have taken on four staff from the Village Coffee Shop, which used to stand on the same site in the Triangle, Tilehurst, and have hired an additional four employees.

“We’ve teamed a great kitchen staff together, we’ve spent weeks going through the menu and sourcing the best ingredients suppliers and just over the next few days we’ll be perfecting the final offering,” said Mr Khan, from Tilehurst.

“We felt that this area could really do with a bit more of a refined café with lunch options as well.”

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Mr Khan, who owns the Indian restaurant Zyka where Mr Davy is a chef, said they wanted to make the cafe refined and relaxed, with an emphasis on ingredients.

The Switch’s meat, fruit and vegetables come from Reading-based suppliers Vicars Game and Dudmans.

Reading Chronicle: A section of the Switch menuA section of the Switch menu

“We’re focused on really high quality ingredients as oppose to the standard greasy spoon just offering you cheap and cheerful. We’ve created an interior where it’s a bit more relaxed and a bit more refined.

“We’ve spent a bit more making it almost like a restaurant experience, rather than just in and out, beans and toast.”

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Due to disruption to trade caused by Brexit and Covid, the business partners have not set an exact opening date but intend to be serving brunch before September 17.

“It’s been an expensive and frustrating time but we’ll get there,” said Mr Khan, adding that he had to order furniture three times from Europe due to issues with deliveries.