POWER cuts have happened in Newbury, West Berkshire this morning leaving homes without electricity.

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) hope to have power returned to a number of postcodes in Newbury by 3pm today but say in most cases, it will be restored sooner.

Postcodes affected include RG14 5BX,  RG14 7JN,  RG14 7LB,  RG14 7SF,  RG14 7SJ,  RG14 7ST,  RG14 7SW,  RG14 7SY,  RG14 7TA,  RG14 7UL.

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The power cut was reported after 11pm last night. Engineers aim to have it restored by 3pm today.

SSE said: "We’re sorry for the loss of supply. We currently have a fault affecting the areas listed.

"Our engineers are on site working hard to get the power back on as quickly as they can. If you need more information, please call us on 105 or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter (@ssencommunity) and quote reference 'HU1694."