LOVE Island this year has been nothing but unexpected twists, turned heads and a whole lot of drama.

But forget about this year's contestants for a second because if you're a true fan then you'll remember Reading's India Reynolds.

This brunette bombshell graced our screens as of part of Series 5 of Love Island 2019 where she finished in third place after coupling up with fan favourite Ovie Soko.

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The couple are no longer together, having split four months after leaving the villa.

The social media influencer from Reading and former page three girl has a massive following online, with one million followers on her Instagram page.


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She also promotes healthy meal ideas and vegan recipes on her separate page and spoils fans with pictures of her cute mini poodle Copper.

India Reynolds also has her own lingerie collection with Pour Moi where she helped design her own swimwear line and underwear.

Reading Chronicle:

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The Love Island contestant doesn't just post on Instagram- she also launched a campaign with animal activists PETA posing with markings on her skin which said “loin”, “round”, and “rump” to show the similarities between humans and all other animal species.

The powerful image was there to give people food for thought where animals including cows and pigs are killed for their flesh.

In the video, India Reynolds said: “If you wouldn’t eat your dog, why would you eat a cow or a pig? It’s up to us to recognise that in all the ways that really matter, all animals are actually the same.”