BARRISTERS made their final pleas to the jury in the trial of the two teenagers accused of murdering Olly Stephens earlier this week.

Wrapping up the trial, the prosecution and both defence counsels asked the jury to consider particular evidence when coming to their verdict.

Two teenage boys -- who cannot be named for legal reasons -- are accused of murdering Olly Stephens at Bugs Bottom fields in Emmer Green on January 3, 2021.

Both deny the charges, however, with the older boy and a girl already having admitted to manslaughter.

The trial entered its fourth week with a closing statement from prosecutor Alison Morgan QC.

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Addressing the jury on Monday, July 19, she said: “On the third of January two angry boys went up a hill very fast on a scooter.

"One had a knife with him. They were both going to humiliate Olly Stephens.

"He was unarmed when he was ambushed.

“He was doubtless terrified. But he didn't run away, he stood his ground, and he did not allow himself to be humiliated.

"Standing his ground cost him his life."

She later added: “Whichever route you take, these defendants are guilty of murder. That is both of them.

"Whether or not you believe them in that they say they regret what happened is up to you.

"Your task is not to feel sorry for these defendants. It is to look at the evidence clearly, calmly and fairly.

"Despite their young age they knew exactly what they were doing."

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The next day (Tuesday, July 20), it was the turn of defence counsel Timothy Raggatt QC to speak.

Mr Raggatt represents the younger boy in the trial, who has admitted to inflicting the stab wounds Olly Stephens died of.

Speaking to the jury, he said there were “no winners” in this situation.

He added: “There are only losers in a case like this.

“There is no doubt that [the younger defendant] is involved in a significant way in the events that led to Olly's death.

"However, what we are here to do is examine these events with a clear and calm mind."

"We are not dealing here with adults. We are not dealing here with formed minds.

"We are dealing with children."

Speaking of the younger boy, he said: “He asserts that he didn't intend to cause Olly Stephens any serious injury, let alone kill him.

“There was no such plan involving the younger defendant.

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“There is complete acceptance from those of us who represent [the younger defendant] that he caused the death of Olly Stephens.

"That is a terrible fact.

"Terrible fact as it is, it is not sufficient to prove this case against him on either murder or manslaughter."

Finally, Rossano Scamardella QC, representative for the older defendant, spoke last on the afternoon of Tuesday, July 20.

He told the jury: “Within a few hours of the senseless killing of Olly Stephens, the elder defendant spoke to a friend about the awful events at Bugs Bottom.

"He said he felt sick.

"As they discussed the dreadful events of that afternoon he told her he did not know that the younger boy was carrying a knife.

"He was either displaying the cunning defence of a sophisticated criminal, or he was telling the truth.

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"It was a genuine and natural reaction to being asked about the killing of Olly.

"He is not guilty of the murder of Olly Stephens.”

He later added: "The younger boy was acting alone that night.

"The accounts since then mean you can not trust a word he says.

“All of the evidence falls way short of demonstrating that [the older defendant] is guilty of murder."

Judge Heather Norton gave her closing remarks to the jury on Wednesday, July 21, reminding them of the key evidence before the trial before sending them to begin their deliberations.