CERTAIN smells can be nostalgic and remind us of our hometown - but if it conjures up awful aromas of fish, bin juice or cannabis, then you may well want to avoid these places in Reading.

You may have already guessed where this story is leading.

A number of towns across the UK have areas that give off a particular odour that seems all too familiar.

For example, the Britwell estate of Slough will often leave residents pleasantly gassed by the sweet smell of chocolate.

However, deep in the depths of Reading town centre lies a street smelly enough to put you off breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Reading Chronicle:

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This is Union Street - otherwise known as Smelly Alley.

The street is notorious for reeking of fish but there's actually a lot of history behind the place.

In 2019, Frost's Fishmongers owned by Kevin Little, closed it's doors but when speaking to the Chronicle, he explained the reason behind the name.

He said a historian had once come and spoken to him about how he had discovered the name for the street in documents as far back as the 1500s, where an open sewer used to be based.

Mr Little said: “I never found out whether it was true or not, but it would make sense.”

We also think West Street could be a strong contender as one of the most stinkiest places in Reading.

The smell of raw fish dominates the air as you walk past, with fast-food takeaway's competing against the stench.

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You definitely have to cover your nose if you're walking past the fishmonger but if you like fish, take it all in...

Which street do you think gives off an unusual aroma? Let us know in the comments.