A NEW GREEK takeaway food service has launched in Reading recently.

Smashing Plates, the greek-style restaurant brand, has opened a delivery service to Reading residents this month, looking to sell both meat and plant-based dishes.

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These include fragrant Chicken, Pork, Lamb Gyros and plant based alternative features a signature preparation, made to Neo’s family recipe.

Marinated in Greek oregano for 24 hours before being seared to order on a chargrill allows customers to see their dishes being freshly prepared.

Each wrap is then finished with lettuce, tomato, red onion, parsley and a dusting of smoked paprika and accompanied by a selection of sauces such as Tzatziki, Sunblushed Chutney and ‘Smashing Sauce’ their signature combination of roasted aubergine and garlic butter.

Reading Chronicle:

Also available are a range of salads - a cornerstone of the Mediterranean table.

These include their classic Greek Salad made fresh daily with tomato, olives, feta and capers and Lentil, feta, sweet pepper, beans, pea and olive.

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Sides include Spanakopita filo roll – their take on the classic Greek dish stuffed with spinach, feta, sprinkled with sesame seeds. To finish there’s a Spiced cinnamon pita and handmade baklava.

Neofytos Christodoulou, restaurant chain CEO, said: “Greek hospitality is based around being welcoming and generous – Smashing Plates is my interpretation of how I’ve always wanted to enjoy Greek street food – but made uncompromisingly with the best quality and freshly prepared ingredients we can lay our hands on.

"I can’t wait to show everyone how gyros should really taste, OPA!”.