A DEVASTATED woman has been left 'shaken' after seeing a shocking video of her pet being hit by her dog walker.

Lucy from Reading couldn't believe what she saw when her video doorbell footage notified her whilst at work last month.

The footage shows her six-year-old Alsation dog being hit by her dog walker Alistair Fennell, who she 'trusted'.

She explained that the dog walker, who owns Paws 4 Life, has walked Shadie 12 times in total.

However, Mr Fennell said the video has been 'taken out of context' and claims he performed one 'controlled, firm tap' after Shadie mouthed to bite him.

Reading Chronicle:

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Lucy said: "I couldn’t believe it, my heart sank and I was shaking in anger and could not believe someone who I trusted could do such a cruel thing to my family pet.

"I was at work when I watched the doorbell footage, my co-worker and I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t watch it thinking I would see what I saw, I just watched it as she barks like no tomorrow when we take her out and he said she made no ‘hackles’. Now we know why."

Alistair has lost Lucy as a client and claims people are out to destroy his 'livelihood' since the video surfaced online.

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He said: "We have received defamatory, vulgar and abusive threats and messages. All bar one has stood by me, a bright, educated, professional and no less are they social media savvy; knowing better than to engage."

Lucy's sister Tammy shared the video online hoping to make people aware of Alistair's questionable dog training tactics.

Tammy told the Chronicle: "I think it's awful. I see it as the same as hitting a child, if a childminder did that they would be shut down immediately. Everything needs positive reinforcement, there is no need to hit them. I believe dogs have been scared by him and Shadie is already a nervous dog.

"My sister rehomed Shadie after she was attacked by her own sister. Shadie just barks loads so she got in touch with Paws 4 Life as she had used him previously as he specialises in huge breeds."

Lucy claims she has not 'heard one word' from Paws 4 Life since the incident, nor has Alistair apologised for his actions.

She claims his words were 'to have slapped her bum yes, which I make no apology for'.

Lucy said: "He claims it was a ‘tap’ that was not a tap at all that was a full-blown wack! Thankfully I have now got a new dog walker, a very close friend of mine Megan at Waggtail walkies who is amazing with Shadie."

Alistair said he still has 35 clients and some have stayed with him for life.

Adding: "I've taken dogs whose owners were told their dog was untrainable and in one instance that it should be put down – helped them grow into loveable sociable characters.

"I’ve passionately worked 15 hour days, often 7 days a week, dropping everything to take their dogs in medical emergencies to continuing to walk them for free when made redundant and done so for a decade plus. Giving my all to my clan and their owners – with enviable client loyalty."