A NEW Banksy-esque artwork has appeared in Woodley imitating Thames Valley Police’s infamous ‘cowgate’ incident.

The Reading street artist ‘Peachy’ posted a picture of his new design online, which shows a toddler in a children’s police car next to a cow on its side.


According to the artist, the painting is behind Woodley precinct at library parade.

Entitled ‘Spilt Milk’, the sketch imitates the controversial incident which saw a Thames Valley Police officer knock over a stray cow in May.

Reading Chronicle:

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The incident caused uproar among the community with many residents lashing out at police for killing the animal.

One local described it as 'barbaric' prompting another to ask why the cow wasn't dealt with in a more 'humane way'.

In a statement posted after the incident, police said several attempts were made to bring the cow under control when it escaped last month.

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But officers were unable to do this and the animal moved to a residential area.

"It became increasingly distressed and charged at a member of the public causing her minor injury, as well as causing injuries to a TVP officer and damage to vehicles.

“Despite efforts of both the police and the farmer to whom the animal belonged, the cow could not be safely brought under control.

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“Officers subsequently used a police vehicle to stop the cow and prevent it from charging towards other members of the public.

“After all other options including tranquilisation were precluded, the cow was humanely euthanised at the scene by a private company.

“This decision, whilst not taken lightly, was necessary to limit the suffering of the animal, to prevent further injury and to ensure the safety of the public.”

Following the incident, Thames Valley Police referred itself to the Independent Office of Police Conduct for an investigation into the incident.

Mourners paid tribute to the cow in a special vigil one week after the incident.