A 24-year-old father vlogged about suicide ‘never being the answer’ just three months before taking a fatal overdose.

Jadon Mayhew was found dead at his Russell Street home in Reading on July 27, 2020 two days after being reported in a “good mood” after watching a film with a friend.

He had suffered from depression and anxiety in the years up to his death and had previously tried to overdose in January 2020 after struggling with his mental health having been assaulted by a gang.

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This led to Jadon publishing a video on his YouTube channel in April 2020 where he discussed surviving his suicide attempt and the ‘regret’ he had experienced following this.

Reading Chronicle: Jadon Mayhew, Image via FacebookJadon Mayhew, Image via Facebook

Jadon, who worked as a civil servant for the Department of Work and Pensions, would upload self-help videos to his YouTube channel before and after his death, with his final film coming almost exactly three months before he overdosed.

In June 2020, a welfare check from a therapist identified Jadon as a suicide risk after he told them he was keen to end his life and he had a “strong suicidal ideation”.

But by the end of his sessions with Emma Benjamin, a senior psychologist at Reading Community Mental Health team, Jadon was reported as feeling “more positive” and “thinking about the future”.

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And the last two times his adoptive parents saw him, in the weekends before his death, his mother said he was “laughing, playing games, and relaxed.”

His partner said Jadon had been planning for his son’s birthday in the days and weeks before his death, too.

Reading Chronicle: Jadon Mayhew's YouTube channelJadon Mayhew's YouTube channel

On the 25th of July, Jadon visited a friend to watch a film. His friend reported him in a “good mood.”

He then spoke to Jadon the following morning but then did not get an answer from him for the rest of the day, resulting in him going to Jadon’s home to check on him but again there was no answer.

The friend went round again the following day (July 27) and called the emergency services after he was unable to speak to Jadon, who found him with no pulse and not breathing on the floor.

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On the same day, his adoptive mother, father and partner all received an emergency SOS message from Jadon, which Assistant Berkshire coroner Alan Blake suggested came from his Apple Watch around the time he overdosed.

Reading Chronicle: Jadon Mayhew, image via FacebookJadon Mayhew, image via Facebook

At an inquest at Reading Coroner’s Court, Mr Blake found Jadon died of a toxic overdose.

He discussed whether Jadon had intended to end his life or whether his overdose was accidental, but eventually settled on a conclusion of death by suicide.

Mr Blake said: “It is clear Jadon was a young man who struggled with suicidal ideation from some years.

“But [in the days and weeks leading up to his death] he had increased stability and engagement with his mental health support team.

“It is clear Jadon was feeling some real family pressures.

“I’m satisfied that when he took the toxic substance he did so with the intention to end his life.”

The inquest was heard at Reading Town Hall on Thursday, June 10.

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