FUNDRAISING for a memorial dedicated to the victims of the Forbury Gardens attack has got off to a slow start in the first 48 hours of its launch -- so we’re urging everyone to get behind the cause.

On Monday, Reading Borough Council announced a crowdfunder for a ‘Reading Together’ tribute.

The tribute will be a permanent memorial for victims James Furlong, Joe Ritchie-Bennett and David Wails, who were tragically murdered in a devastating terrorist attack in Forbury Gardens last year.

Reading Chronicle:

With the one-year anniversary of the attack approaching, however, nothing (yes, zero) has been raised for the memorial so far.

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Organisers of the tribute -- the Berkshire Community Foundation -- are hoping to raise £10,000 altogether.

But despite the lack of contributions so far, residents still have until July 19 to contribute, so we’re urging everyone to get behind this special tribute.

To donate (and every little bit helps!), visit the crowdfunding page here:

A statement on the crowdfunding page reads: “Forbury Gardens has been at the centre of our town, both physically and spiritually for centuries, and the image of the Maiwand Lion stands as a constant reminder of the town’s strength, compassion and unity.

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“The permanent memorial will be a calm and peaceful space sitting within the historic Abbey Quarter serving as a place of reflection and remembrance for the lives so tragically cut short and for all those affected by the attacks that have devastated the entire community of Reading.

“We also pay tribute to everyone affected by the attack, including those who were injured, those who witnessed the attack and to our colleagues in the emergency services who acted so swiftly to prevent further harm.

“This Crowdfunder has been set up to fund the permanent memorial in Forbury Gardens.

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“The funding will be used to create a permanent memorial in consultation with the victims’ families, the community and residents of Reading.”

Last year, a fundraiser for a permanent tribute to the victims set up by residents and Reading Pride saw more than £15,000 raised.