A CAFE owner in Reading has announced she has sold her business in an emotional Instagram post to her customers.

Naomi from Nibsy's, an exclusively gluten free cafe on Cross Street, took to Instagram to announce she is selling her business.

The post said: "I realise this is going to come as a big surprise to many of you and it’s the scariest post I’ve ever had to write...

"A few months ago I made the difficult decision to put the coffee shop up for sale.

"It’s been an incredible journey and its success has been down to the love, passion and commitment I have given it for almost 7 years, along with the team past and present. And none of it would have been possible without all your support.

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"I have two young boys and feel ready to take a step back and enjoy life in the ‘slow lane’ for a while, in the near future.

"Because Nibsy’s is still Reading’s only entirely gluten-free coffee shop it was incredibly important for me to find the ‘right’ buyer to take over.

"And whilst it won’t be called Nibsy’s, I’m really pleased to tell you that the new owner, Richard, loves what we do and wants to keep it entirely GF and change very little, apart from the name (as I couldn’t bear to part with my nickname!). The team’s jobs are also still in place and they have been so understanding.

"I will be passing on everything we do from recipes to routines, and Jon and I will be working alongside Richard for a few weeks after the transfer, to help ensure the transition is as smooth as possible."

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The cafe's last trading day with Naomi will be Sunday, June 27, and the new owner will reopen in early July.

She added: "I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who’s been a part of this incredible chapter in my life.

"Before opening Nibsy’s I couldn’t bake, make coffee and had never managed a team, let alone a business! I wanted to make a positive impact on my home town and make people see that gluten-free food doesn’t mean compromising on quality."