POLICE OFFICERS closed off an Aldi supermarket in Earley this weekend after a resident was reported to suffer a cardiac arrest.

Residents spotted emergency services, including Thames Valley Police and South Central Ambulance Services at the scene at around 3pm on Saturday, May 30.

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It was reported that tills had to be closed and customers asked to wait while the shop was temporarily shut to allow for emergency services to come.

TVP Wokingham and Bracknell said the incident was one of three at the weekend where reports of cardiac arrests were made over the Saturday, however officers said that only two of the three reports proved to be actual cardiac arrests.

The force also asked residents to be considerate in these types of situations.

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police said: "Team2 Officers attended two cardiac arrests in public, as well as a third that thankfully wasn’t.

"During today’s incidents we are aware that our road closures may have inconvenienced drivers in the Bracknell area.

Pic: Thames Valley Police

Pic: Thames Valley Police

"Shoppers in Earley may have had to queue for a long time to get their shopping paid for due to us closing tills at a supermarket. We make no apologies in these circumstances.

"Instead of making comments about “When is the road going to open?” “Does it really need all of you?” “Never an ambulance or a police car when you need them” etc etc, take a step back and think how you would feel if your loved one was in this situation.

"Then take another step back and allow all of the emergency services present to do our jobs.

"We are all someone’s Son, Daughter, Mother, Father, Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie, Uncle."

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The police force added that no further information will be provided about the incidents out of respect for the families.