A CLEANER’S life was ‘ruined’ after a Reading man ‘took advantage' of her and raped her earlier this year.

Dorin Manolache, of Wantage Road, Reading, will serve six years behind bars for his crime.

A court heard how the rape survivor, who had “overcome serious [medical] challenges” in order to “live a normal life” by starting a family and getting a job, had been set back an “unimaginable degree” by the incident.

32-year-old Manolache raped the woman on March 17 in Reading.

He was alone with her when he grabbed the woman, who was “saying no” to him.

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Manolache “bundled” her into a room and raped her, Reading Crown Court heard.

She managed to get away and Manolache tried to assault her again before he ‘finally decided he would take no for an answer’.

The court heard how the woman suffered bruises following the assault, as well as sleepless nights, a loss of appetite and flashbacks.

She had to take HIV treatment tablets as a precaution, too.

Reading Crown Court.

Reading Crown Court.

Defending, John Simmons said Manolache and the woman had exchanged messages over text and that the 32-year-old had “clearly misread the nature of the relationship between the two of them.”

Simmons claimed Manolache had been a “model human being” prior to this incident and said: “What a fall from grace for a 32-year-old who has never been in trouble before.”

Sentencing, Judge Nott said: “Until earlier this year you don’t appear to have put a foot wrong in your life.

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“That is clear to me from glowing character references from those who know you, all of whom are shocked you have behaved in such a way.

“You committed an incredibly serious offence.

“You misread from her what was friendly communication and you knew that she was married and that she had children.

“She got on with life. That is what you have taken away from her in those mad minutes in March.

“Your actions have set her back an unimaginable degree.

“In all my time on the bench I have never seen such harm flowing from a rape which hasn’t involved violence.

“I don’t think you planned this. You took advantage in the moments she was with you.

Reading Crown Court.

Reading Crown Court.

“She has not been able to work since and can not see a time she would be able to work again.

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“This is a desperately sad case.

“You have ruined two lives; you have ruined your life and you have ruined hers.”

Judge Nott sentenced Manolache to six years in prison after he admitted to rape.

He will serve half this time before being eligible for release.

In addition to his prison sentence, Manolache will be made to sign the sex offenders register indefinitely and was handed a restraining order from the woman.

Addressing the woman, the judge said: “I hope this verdict will give you some catharsis and you can start moving on psychologically.”

Manolache was sentenced at Reading Crown Court on Thursday, May 27.

There are a number of online resources for survivors of sexual assault and rape.

The NHS has a section on its website about support for sexual assault victims

In addition, the Survivors’ Network has information about crisis support and medical appointments.