THE Reading Chronicle has launched its Dog of the Month feature with help from Dogs Trust Newbury.

Each month, we will appeal to dog lovers who are considering adopting a dog and giving it the forever home it’s been eagerly waiting for.

This month’s Dog of the Month is Onyx, an affectionate seven-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Bulldog cross who’s favourite hobbies are playing with his toys, snoozing on the sofa, and walking with his doggie pals.

Antony Dominy, Dogs Trust Newbury Rehoming Centre Manager, said: “Onyx is a wonderful chap who has become a firm favourite with staff here at the centre. He’s friendly and affectionate and when he’s happy, he likes to show off his bum wiggle!

“He’d like a quiet home without too many comings and goings as he can be a little worried by strangers. His Training and Behaviour team here are helping him become more comfortable with visitors, something which his family will need to continue once he’s adopted.

"He enjoys the company of other dogs when out and about but he’d prefer to be the only dog in the home. A secure garden would be ideal for Onyx so he can play happily with his toys and chill out. He’d love it if his new family are around for most of the day until he is settled and any time left alone should be built up gradually.

“He’d like to meet his new family at the centre and in the home multiple times before adoption so he can build up a bond and familiarise himself with his surroundings. For this reason, we’re looking to rehome Onyx to a family within an hour’s drive of the rehoming centre.”

Onyx does have some ongoing medical considerations relating to his joints which will be explained to his new family prior to adoption.

If you think you could offer Onyx a home, please call 01488 505157. For more information visit