THE council has released a statement urging residents to stick to the road signs prohibiting drivers from turning right at the new Winnersh relief road, after a number of car crashes took place on the new junction.

The Wokingham Borough Council first opened the new relief road by the Winnersh crossroads on Monday, May 10, creating an alternative route between Reading and Wokingham to ease congestion in the area.

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Since it's opening, a number of car crashes have taken place at the junction between King Street Lane, Hatch Farm Lane, and Longdon Road, which are believed to have been caused by illegal right-hand turns in the area.

A spokesman for Wokingham Borough Council said: "Phase two of the Winnersh Relief Road opened on Monday, May 10.

"The road provides an alternative route around Winnersh to help reduce congestion at the Winnersh crossroads and surrounding roads.

Pic: Wokingham Borough Council.

Pic: Wokingham Borough Council.

"The new road design includes two banned right turns: Vehicles can no longer turn right when travelling south on King Street Lane onto Hatch Farm Way or when travelling west on Longdon Road onto King Street Lane.

"The council is aware that since the road opened on Monday, some drivers are ignoring the traffic signs and making illegal turns at the junction and that there have been several collisions as a result.

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"The council is urging all motorists to follow the clear signs and road markings and not to attempt to make any illegal turns.

"The council is installing more signs and will be monitoring the junction to look at the use of illegal right turns, and will also work with Thames Valley Police to stop motorists from making illegal right turns at the junction."

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