A VAN driver has been found guilty of causing the death of an elderly woman in Henley.

Arif Hussain, 34, of London Road, Camberley, was found guilty following a trial at Oxford Crown Court on Friday.

The Surrey man was charged in 2019 after a fatal crash in Northfield End on May 10 between a van and an elderly pedestrian.

84-year-old Mary Holt, also known by her family as June, died at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford two weeks later from severe head injuries.

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On Friday, Hussain was sentenced to a community order of two years, fined £3,500, given 120 hours of unpaid work to be completed in two years and disqualified from driving for 12 months.

Claire Knight gave a comment regarding her mother's death. She said: “The accident was a huge shock to us and must have been a terrible shock to the driver involved and the witnesses. 

"I am grateful to the people who came forward to help my mum at the roadside, to the Thames Valley Air Ambulance team and to the amazing neuro-intensive care team at the John Radcliffe Hospital. 

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"The area where the accident took place, around Northfield End, is a difficult one for both pedestrians and drivers (and other road users)."

She also would like the council to review the road to prevent further accidents from happening.

June's daughter added: "It is a busy and complicated area. It is also near a school.  I would be incredibly grateful for the council to look at anyways in which this area can be made any safer – to try and prevent any similar accidents occurring.” 

Matthew Claxson, partner at law firm Moore Barlow representing June Holt’s family, said: “Unfortunately, we see tragic cases like this frequently and we can only hope the ruling today goes some way to stopping history repeating itself yet again.

"Henley-on-Thames is not a big town, and the loss of June has been felt keenly in the community there.

“It is absolutely crucial that drivers are vigilant and ensure they are aware of what is going on around them. My deepest sympathies are with Claire and the rest of the family and I will continue supporting them through this difficult ordeal.”