A COLOURFUL window display made from flowers, butterflies and a neon rainbow has appeared in Reading.

The bright display is at Prospect Estate Agency's head office on King Street.

Prospect explained it is a "window of hope" to welcome people back to the high street.

The company said: "For many, the past year has been one of great loss.

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"Too many of us have lost loved ones.

"Too many of us have lost businesses.

"All of us have lost time.

"We will never forget the sacrifices made by NHS workers and the incredible work they have done to keep us safe.

"Nor will we forget the strength and resilience of members of our local community, who have come together to raise spirits and support their neighbours in times of need."

Today, lockdown restrictions are easing across the country including the reopening of pubs and restaurants indoors.

Prospect said it "wanted to do something special to commemorate this huge milestone in our journey out of lockdown, remember loved ones lost and recognise the key workers who dedicated themselves to getting us through the past 12 months".

Prospect, King Street, Reading

Prospect, King Street, Reading

The team has collaborated with local company Willow Bella to brighten up the high street with a window display.

Prospect said: "There was so much that we wanted to express with our window display, but most important was the transition from darker days to a more hopeful future.

"Willow Bella captured this perfectly, using recycled surgical masks – a very familiar object to all of us this year – to create a beautiful array of butterflies."

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There is also a rainbow coloured neon light and flowers and foliage to reference the NHS rainbow colours.

Prospect, King Street, Reading

Prospect, King Street, Reading

There is also a typewriter hanging on a black and white cord in a nod to Banksy's artwork which appeared on Reading Gaol earlier this year.

Prospect announced it will be donating £1000 to the Royal Berkshire Hospital to say thank you for all the work that they do to keep the people of Reading safe and well.

Prospect, King Street, Reading

Prospect, King Street, Reading

It is also donating a further £1000 to the Reading Arts Foundation, to show support for their campaign to turn the Reading Gaol into an arts centre.