ONE of the greatest attractions to ever exist in Berkshire was Windsor Safari Park, where some of the world's cutest and most dangerous animals once lived.

Anyone lucky enough to visit the wildlife park in Windsor would have been able to witness dolphins jumping into the sky or see lions prowling in their enclosure. 

You might have been lucky enough to cuddle a chimpanzee, like Dawn Keenan's mum did back in the day.

The park opened in 1969 and had huge success with its key attraction Seaworld, which included a tank housing dolphins, a killer whale, penguins and sea lions, performing acrobatic displays for members of the public.

Reading Chronicle:

As such, Windsor Safari Park provided vital research in the development of a fishing net warning system for dolphins.

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This also included the Dolphin Research Project aimed to raise funds for other research on sonar communication and behaviour.

Reading Chronicle:

Families across Berkshire could take part in fun events including the International Teddy Bear Club giant picnic in 1985.

Hundreds of visitors from all over the UK descended on the area to enjoy an open-air lunch and take part in a series of competitions, games and races.

But the safari park needed more than just teddy bear picnics to survive.

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After racking up a heavy debt of £40 million, it entered receivership in 1992. It did well to survive 23 years.

Windsor Safari Park was purchased soon afterwards by the Lego Group, whose ambition was to create a Legoland theme park that has existed every since.

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