THERE are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t litter, with protecting the environment being at the top of that particular list.

But another reason for not littering is that you could be hit with a hefty fine if caught -- much like these Berkshire residents were over the past five months.

Here’s a handful of locals who paid big fees for their littering.

Rebecca Willis, from Deansgate, Bracknell, was fined £110 for dropping a cigarette butt on the ground at Frensham Great Pond.

The 22-year-old appeared at Slough Magistrates Court in December, where she was also told to cough up £34 in a victim surcharge and pay costs of £100.

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Remus Vasile, of Richmond Crescent, Slough, was also caught out at Frensham Great Pond in August 2020.

Litter left behind at Savernake Park

Litter left behind at Savernake Park

The 23-year-old appeared at Slough Magistrates Court in December to pay a fine of £110, plus costs and a victim surcharge amounting to £144.

Marius Ghica, of Kent Road, Reading, stumped up £440 after littering at Kensington Road bottle banks in September 2020.

After appearing at Reading Magistrates Court in March, he was also forced to pay a victim surcharge of £44 and costs of £625, leaving him with fees of £1,109 altogether.

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Yasmin Saleem was forced to pay the same amount after her day in court in March.

The Reading resident, of Patriot Place, was fined £1,109 having dropped some rubbish on Queen’s Road in August 2020.

Gregorz Szmuc, of Anstey Road, dropped a bag at Kensingston Road bottle banks in Reading in November 2020.

Caught by Reading Borough Council, the Reading resident paid £1,109 in fines and costs at Magistrates Court in March.