A drug addict who has committed more than 120 offences has vowed to beat his addiction after he was jailed last week.

Daniel Dumont, aged 37, was sentenced to 22 weeks in prison at Aylesbury Crown Court on Friday after he pleaded guilty to possession of a class A drug, possession of a class B drug, and possession of a bladed article.

On January 31, police arrested Dumont in Aylesbury after finding cannabis and a knife in his possession during a search.

Police also found on him a small set of scales which had traces of cocaine on it, £80 cash and a Nokia ‘burner’ phone which contained messages which suggested he owed money to drug dealers.

Officers also discovered a small amount of heroin, which was for Dumont’s personal use.

Dumont, of Garrard House in Reading, had 45 previous convictions spanning 127 offences over 20 years before the sentencing, including various drug charges, dishonesty, and one previous charge of possession of a bladed article.

Speaking to the judge before sentencing, Dumont, who has a teenage daughter, vowed that he would kick his drug habit and get over his addiction.

Speaking via video link from prison, where he was on remand, he said: “I know I had a bladed article but I really didn’t mean to cause anyone any harm.

“I just accidentally left the building with it and it’s a mistake I am definitely not going to make again.

“I’m trying my hardest to get help and I am at that stage where I have had enough, the conditions in prison are bad (during the pandemic) in ways I have never experienced before.

“I’m genuinely saying to you that I will do my best to clean up my life.”

Before the sentencing, defence barrister Leanne Ballato explained that Dumont had struggled with drug addiction for the past 20 years and had spent time living on and off the streets.

Ms Volante explained that the craft knife police caught Dumont with was a tool he used to cut his food and clean his fingernails.

She said: “He uses the knife for survival purposes. He accepts that it’s not acceptable to have it on him but he finds it really tough when he’s living on the street to go without some kind of tool to assist him in his daily life.”

Sentencing, judge Alexia Power said: “It’s clear you have had a long history of drug use and I hope you make good on your promise that you try and address that addiction.

“I know that at your age it is not doing anything good with your life, I hope you take steps to try and beat that addiction.”