SPAIN'S tourism minister has said the country will be ready to welcome back tourists – including those from the UK – in June.

Fernando Valdes Verelst told a travel and tourism conference in Mexico: “I think the best thing that Governments right now can provide to travellers is certainty, give the proper information and the security that they can travel and they can come back to the countries."

“We are going to give all these travellers that certainty," he added. “Spain is going to be ready in June to tell all travellers worldwide that you can visit us.”

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With the possibility of a trip abroad soon, we asked our readers whether they will be travelling abroad or holidaying in the UK this year.

Quite a few readers said they will be holidaying in the UK this year.

Reading Chronicle: Stock image of a beachStock image of a beach

One reader said they are hoping for a "couple of long weekends" in the UK.

Another said they'll be heading to Cornwall.

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Some readers do not like the idea of travelling with one resident explaining they will be staying home because of the pandemic.

One resident said: "Stay here and stay safe."

Another added: "I really want to go abroad but it’s much safer to stay here."

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Whilst others like the idea of jetting away on holiday.

One reader said: "We’ve booked for Japan in January. Hopefully it’ll be all ok by then."

Another said they will be "leaving the minute we get the green light".

What are your views? Will you be staying at home, holidaying in the UK or venturing abroad?