BOY-RACERS ‘ripping up’ Prospect Park are ‘intimidating’ locals who want to relax in the green space, a resident has claimed.

Iain Marsh, from West Reading, has filmed the racers driving quickly around Prospect Park on two occasions in the past week.

The youngsters appear to be using go-kart-type off-road vehicles and mopeds.

Explaining the issue to the Chronicle, Iain said: “It is a safety issue with dogs running off leads and young children around.

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“If one of those clowns loses control we have an awful situation on our hands.

“The noise and fumes coming from the bikes is an affront to our senses after a long day at work wanting to relax, and you have a load of cretins who have probably never contributed a red cent to society ripping up the park.

“There are spaces where you can take vehicles off-road.

“Prospect Park is not the place.

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“A lot of people find it intimidating seeing large groups defying Covid protocols for a start and then breaking the law so flagrantly riding motorised vehicles in public parks.

“These people need to sort their anti social behaviour out.”

Iain called the police after he first spotted the boy-racers on Tuesday, April 27, who arrived at the scene once the youngsters had left.

A Thames Valley Police spokesperson said: “I can confirm that Thames Valley Police did receive a report of this at around 5.10pm [on Tuesday] (27/4).

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“Officers attended the park and conducted an area search, however the vehicles were not located. The report has therefore been filed at this time.”

The West Reading resident told the Chronicle the lads have been back to the park on their vehicles again since the first incident.