A number of towns across Berkshire have a lot of roundabouts. 

For example, anyone who has lived in Bracknell will understand how many you have to drive through just to get to the town centre alone.

Slough is another town known for its confusing roundabouts.

Remember having to drive around the scary Sainsbury's roundabout to pass your driving test? I do...

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But if you have just moved to Berkshire or are learning to drive, then the roads can be confusing, fast-paced and a nightmare to get to grips with.

Whether it be the monstrosity of the Twin Bridges roundabout or Windsor's confusing (so many lanes) roundabout, Berkshire's road network can be a pain at the best of times.

The News has compiled a list of what we think are the worst roundabouts in the county, but let's be honest, there are many, many more we could have made a case for.

That's why we want to know in the comments section what your least favourites are, and why.

Windsor's Clarence Road roundabout 

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When you're approaching the well-known fountain roundabout from Royal Windsor Way then be sure to know which lane you need to be in fast because it can be very confusing.

At first, you think you're in the right lane for Bracknell but then the next minute you know you're in the wrong lane heading towards Legoland Windsor.

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The Meadows roundabout, Sandhurst

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The junction has been described as a 'nightmare' and one wrong turning into Next means you'll have to come off the roundabout, drive down London Road and then go all the way back round the roundabout again. 

New works also mean drivers are having to come over the bridge from Blackwater rather than go around the roundabout.

Uxbridge Road roundabout, Slough

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The test of all time for young drivers wanting to pass their tests is to tackle this roundabout in Slough.

If you've done your driving test in Slough you'll know about the dreaded 'Sainsbury's roundabout with so many turning points and lanes you can be in.

Twin Bridges roundabout, Bracknell 

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This roundabout also has many junctions you can turn off and tends to get busy at the best of times.

It's often described as a nightmare for motorists due to roadworks causing queues to pile up at this junction.

Black Boy roundabout, Reading

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One of drivers worst fears is facing this roundabout in Reading. There are so any lanes to navigate through with cars able to flow from all sorts of directions.

The roundabout is a challenge for all drivers hoping to pass their tests. If you can successfully overcome through this you can drive anywhere.