RESIDENTS took part in a protest in Reading town centre this past weekend, taking action against deep sea mining.

Protesters took part in a nation-wide event in order to urge the government to ensure deep sea mining in "our oceans is off-limits" from Saturday, April 25 to Monday, April 27.

The protest, taking place in Forbury Gardens, Reading, was co-organised between Greenpeace and Reading University Zero Waste Society.

Other protests of the same focus were held in Windsor and elsewhere across the UK .

Hannah from Reading University Zero Waste Society said, ‘We are so glad Greenpeace Berkshire reached out to us for the collaborative event.

"There is nothing more reassuring than hearing planet conscious individuals sharing zero waste tips!

Protesters in Windsor. Pic: Greenpeace Berkshire

Protesters in Windsor. Pic: Greenpeace Berkshire

"Having the opportunity to learn about Greenpeace and their journey to saving the ocean was invaluable and discussing the potential solutions and tactics to make progress is something that makes us all feel more confident in our own abilities to look after the planet."

According to protesters, deep sea mining involves sending industrial machinery into fragile underwater ecosystems, damaging livelihoods of local fishers, threatening fish stocks, and risks disturbing carbon storage in the deep ocean, potentially causing damage to the environment.

Jane from Berkshire Greenpeace said: "Rather than a handful of companies exploiting the deep sea for profit, we need to prioritize reusing resources and moving to a sustainable, circular economy.

"I don’t want the phone I use, the battery in my electric car, or the chips in my computer to be there as a result of damage to such a precious and beautiful ecosystem.

"It was great working with Reading University Zero Waste Society and hearing the ways that they reduce their everyday waste."

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