There has not been a single Covid-19 case among those aged 80+ in Reading in the past month, with the high uptake of vaccines seemingly paying dividends as the move away from restrictions continues.

The last person aged 80 or older to test positive for the coronavirus was aged 90+, with their test on March 20, according to the latest NHS data, which currently goes up until April 21.

Since then, there have been 32 days with no positive cases among the 80+ group.

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Case numbers among all groups have dropped significantly since reaching a pandemic-high peak of more than 800 per 100,000 in Reading in early January, with the rate now hovering in the 20s and 30s.

How case numbers have changed in Reading since the beginning of January

How case numbers have changed in Reading since the beginning of January

For those aged 60 and over, all of which have been offered a first vaccine dose, there have been just 10 cases in the month from March 20 to April 21.

Speaking at Reading Borough Council’s (RBC) Covid-19 Outbreak Engagement Board on April 23, Public Health Consultant David Munday said the low rates in those over 60 “is really good news”.

He added: “We know that the more severe disease is more commonly seen in older people and this is probably an indication that the vaccine programme is having an effect in what is a well-vaccinated age group.”

Cases in other age groups (below 80)

Looking at the same time period (March 20-April 21), there are fairly low case numbers among all age groups following the lockdown in England which began in January and started to end in March.

However, the groups where less people have been able to get a vaccine so far have more regular and higher case numbers.

Currently, everyone 50 or above has been offered a vaccine, while those 42 and over are now being offered jabs.

In the 70-79 group, there have been four cases, with the most recent on April 6.

For those in their 60s, six have tested positive in this period, with recent cases on April 14 and 15. All but one of these cases have been among those aged 60-64.

Going down to the 50s, this jumps to 24 cases in the same 32-day period, with slightly more cases in the 55-59 age group than those aged 50-54.

All over 50s were offered the vaccine by April 13, which starts working around two weeks after the first dose, with those in their late 50s getting the jabs first.

Those in their 40s have only just started to receive a first dose of a Covid vaccine and we can see this in the numbers, with 32 cases in the same period.

The most recent case was on April 21 (the day with the most recent stats).

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People in their 30s will only have received a dose if they work in care or health or are clinically extremely vulnerable.

This age group is also more active and we can see this in the stats, with 59 cases in the same period and the recent positive tests on April 21.

Going down to those in their 20s, there were 49 cases in this period , with the most recent cases from April 20, while there were 56 cases among those aged under-20 in the same period.

The most recent cases among this age group were also on April 21 and among 15-19 year olds.