A long-awaited decision on plans for 265 new homes in Tilehurst has been delayed again.

U+I Pincents Lane Ltd’s plans to build on green space just off Pincents Lane have proved to be extremely controversial, as more than 2,100 objections have been lodged since 2019.

Earlier this year, West Berkshire Council said its Eastern Area Planning Committee was due to make a decision “at the end of March or beginning of April”.

But the developer then requested more time, so it could consider responses to a consultation on several amendments.

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A council spokeswoman said: “The agent has indicated they are very likely to request a further extension of time, hence why at this time no date is set for the application to go to committee, but it seems that it won’t be in May.

“All those who have commented on the application will be notified ahead of the application being considered by committee.”

Hundreds of people who are being priced out of Tilehurst welcome the project, because the developers plan to build 106 affordable homes, that will be shared-ownership or rented out below-market value.

The company has also promised to provide £1 million for infrastructure, build a GP surgery, create a 22 acre public park and plant enough trees to form a 20-metre wide ‘woodland buffer’ between Tilehurst and the new housing estate.

Area of Pincents Hill

Area of Pincents Hill

But the Save Pincents Hill Group are calling on the council to refuse planning permission.

They are concerned about losing that green space and say the development will put a huge strain on local schools, GP surgeries, roads and other infrastructure.

Speaking in March, a spokeswoman for the group said: “People really value the open space for its peace and quiet and once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

“There have been five planning applications for that hill and three appeals that have been turned down.

“People have been fighting to protect the hill for years. It’s a threat people have been living with since the 1980s.”

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The previous plans for the site – for 750 homes, a hotel and shops – were rejected in 2009.

U+I director Jonny Anstead has said the new project will provide much-needed affordable housing and many people have “urged” the company to build homes “that they or their children can afford”.

He also said it is “a potentially one-off opportunity to secure a key new green space” for local residents.