OVER the years various foods people love to eat have been discontinued.

People are left with only the memories of a delicious treat they used to enjoy.

We asked our readers what foods they would like to bring back if they could.

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From chocolate to crisps our readers had many food choices they wish they could eat again.

Here are some of them. Do you remember any of these?

  • Spangles sweets
  • Heinz toast toppers
  • Prawn cocktail wotsits
  • Mars Delight
  • Terry's Pyramint
  • Mighty White bread
  • Echo bars
  • Toffos
  • Kellogg's Banana bubbles
  • Coconut Boost
  • Nik Naks Cream and Cheesy
  • Drifter chocolate
  • Secret chocolate bar

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Do you have a favourite food you would like to bring back? Let us know by commenting below.