A film crew is due to begin shooting a star-studded Hollywood blockbuster near Reading later this year.

Shinfield Studios is aiming to open a four-stage film studio at Thames Valley Science Park in September, so that film crew can shoot the next instalment of a well-known series.

"It's something everybody would have heard of, but obviously we are not allowed to tell you who it is," said Nick Smith, managing director of Shinfield Studios.

Last year, the major production company told Shinfield Studios it would commit to filming at Thames Valley Science Park if the new studio was open by September.

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Construction is now underway after Wokingham Borough Council granted Shinfield Studios planning permission to set up a studio on the site for five years.

Mr Smith said: "We've started building and will be open on September 1.

"There's been a lot of interest. If I had eight film stages, rather than four, I would have filled those as well."

The company has a long-term vision to create a "Cine Valley" on 65 acres of land at Thames Valley Science Park, to provide 18 sound stages, workshops and office space.

Mr Smith said it will be "the second biggest studio in the UK" and provide much-needed studio space to meet growing demand from companies like Disney, Netflix, and Amazon.

Shinfield Studios wants to build a new studio at Thames Valley Science Park

Shinfield Studios wants to build a new studio at Thames Valley Science Park

"There is a real shortage, the UK is in need of another big film studio and we're trying to fill that void," he said.

The company believes Shinfield is an ideal location for a film and television production complex because there is plenty of space and easy access to London.

Mr Smith said: "You've got to have good links to London because that's still the epicentre for the industry and particularly for post production.

"You've got to be able to access the facilities that exist already.

"Moving out to Shinfield, to some extent, is a leap of faith and that's why we need the support of everyone locally.

"We've got a chance here to build something for the future."

He is confident the new "Cine Valley" will drive investment in the local economy and create a wide range of jobs.

"When you are in the midst of production, you are spending between £8 million and £10 million a month – it's a huge amount of inward investment.

"And each different film project that comes in will employ 500 to 600 people.

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"From plumbers, chippies, plasterers and electricians to visual effects, special effects, set decorators, hair and make up – there's such a vast array of people involved in a project like this."

Shinfield Studios was launched in 2020, after Los Angeles based film studio investor Commonwealth Real Estate LP agreed a deal with the University of Reading, to build studios and a creative media campus at the science park.

Earlier this year, the university has also applied for planning permission to build a permanent TV studio – with enough seats for an audience of 550 people – at the science park in Shinfield.

It hopes to open that studio in 2022.