POLICE chiefs have revealed the best ways to make sure you don’t fall victim to a burglary.

There are a number of simple adjustments you can make to your property to deter burglars or to catch them out.

Here are the Thames Valley Police’s top tips for keeping burglars out.

Keep your home visible

If your property is hidden by bushes, trees or high fences, it is easier for burglars to get close to a home undetected as they will have ample space to hide.

Lower fences at the front are preferable as they allow for a clear view and don’t provide cover for burglars.

But at the back and sides, higher fences are recommended to prevent easy access.

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Anti-climbing spikes on top of fences will make it harder for burglars to get into your property, and planting prickly or barbed shrubbery along boundaries acts as an effective barrier.

Gravel driveways will make sure you can hear anyone approaching.

Warning to residents after string of burglaries in Bracknell

Warning to residents after string of burglaries in Bracknell


Having CCTV linked to a smartphone will alert you when someone enters your property.

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Cameras should be positioned where they are best able to obtain good quality facial images.

Signage warning people of CCTV use could also deter burglars.


Visible audible alarm boxes high up on the front and rear of your property will be a visual deterrent to burglars.

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Unmonitored alarms are useful for scaring intruders as they emit a loud sound which can also notify neighbours of trespassing.

The police will typically respond to a monitored alarm but are less likely to respond to an unmonitored alarm.


A well-lit house will help prevent burglars as it is a good deterrent.

A clear, low white light that activates at dusk to dawn is ideal for lighting a yard and garden and allowing any person to be clearly seen.

In a block of flats, automatic low-energy lights that detect movement are recommended for corridors and communal areas such as car parks and cycle stores.

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